Corporate Website Redesign

Kohler Example


Kohler Corporation was looking to refresh their corporate website and establish themselves more authoritatively as a high-end, capable brand that also maintained serious sustainability practices.

Role: Lead UX / UI


Kohler Corporation has many sub brands, and a well-established position in the engines, furniture, and plumbing markets. In order to reflect their sense of quality, a serious update was needed.





Unique Challenges

The Kohler Co. project was uniquely challenging because of the initial client relationship dynamic. After some initial frustrations with another designer, I was brought in to repair the relationship, and move the design into a more appropriate direction.

After some initial in-person workshopping and work sessions, the clients were quite happy with the relationship.

Final Designs

Despite the client having 3 different art directors as stakeholders, we were able to come up with designs that reinforced the brand's high-end perception, all while becoming more usable.

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 1.40.04 PM


In the end, we did much more than just create a great website that spoke authentically to who Kohler Co. really is- we created a lasting relationship that led to more work and great reviews.